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Arguments for arguments

Student | Ellie DennisThe goal of public relations is to provide two-way communication between an organization and its publics.  Public relations is a key set of skills that can be implemented whenever and wherever to improve the outcome of a situation and sway it in your favor.  The ability to communicate effectively is important in general, but when you can utilize that tool in any environment to bolster the outcome, it becomes public relations.  The principles of public relations that should be implemented in the…

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  • Jan 16, 2018

Combine trials with market research techniques

Student | Andrew ChenThroughout the years, jury trial participation in legal outcomes has decreased.  In the United States, less than 4% of criminal cases and 1% of civil cases are determined by juries.  Because of the high-cost and inefficient nature of the current jury trial process, most trials are resolved in summary judgments or settlement pleads, which are determined by judges.  One argument is that the current jury trial environment fosters a lack of engagement amongst jurors and lawyers, which results in a lengthy and costly process.  However, drawing…

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  • Jan 10, 2018

Make-up magic

Student | Claire FaginThough I did not realize it prior to this project, court cases and movies have a lot in common.  For starters, there are striking similarities between the job of a director on set, and a lawyer in a courtroom.  While directors apply overarching film theories to specific projects to give them a certain feel, lawyers apply abstract legal theories to the specific case they are working on in order to fight it in the most effective way possible. 

While a director visualizes a story and brings…

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  • Jan 09, 2018

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