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“A’s for Everyone” to be Released Soon

A's for Everyone: Acing the College ExperienceJon Pfeiffer and Amanda Salz are proud to announce that A’s for Everyone: Acing the College Experience will be released later this month.

In their first book, Pfeiffer and Salz provide the tips and tricks that students won’t get from their high school guidance counselors. By following the simple checklist system, incoming students will stay organized, avoid potential pitfalls and embark on the path to becoming star college students.

For incoming freshmen, preparing for college can result in a flux…

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  • A's for Everyone , Books
  • Jul 13, 2016

It’s Better to be Young Than to Look Young In Hollywood

Actress in HollywoodWomen reach their “expiration date” at 35 in Hollywood, said “Sex and the City” star, Kim Cattrell, in an ABC interview with Robin Roberts. Cattrell also said that “We think of aging as something like a disease.” She may not be wrong.

When Olivia Wilde was 28, she was turned down for a role in the “Wolf of Wall Street” as the girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio (then 39 years old) because she was “too old” according to an interview Wilde gave on The Howard Stern Show.

Researchers studying…

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  • Above the Law , Entertainment Industry
  • Jul 06, 2016

Love Purrs Like a Stallion

Love Purrs Like a Stallion          The sound of love purrs like a stallion,

          all 12 cylinders aimed at arousin’

          An open road, a banked turn

          No distractions ahead. Let love burn!


There are many ways to teach the principles of copyright. I prefer poetry.

While copyright law may not be poetry, nothing teaches it like a good love poem. Let me explain. Copyright lawyers know that a work is…

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  • Above the Law , Copyright , Pepperdine Student Comments
  • Jun 30, 2016

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