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More followers, the more influence

Katherine Sciortino, Pepperdine student I believe that public figures are those that have a large following, who have “fans” and “followers” that have most likely never met them personally but know about their life, interests, or opinions on various topics. These days, public figures range from YouTube stars to Instagram influencers to the typical actor or talk show host. With social media creating new platforms for influencers and public figures to create content and express themselves, the view of who a public figure is has evolved from what it…

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  • Influencers | Social Media , Pepperdine Student Comments
  • Nov 01, 2017

From OJ to the Kardashians

Clay Carr, Pepperdine studentThe definition of a public figure, in today’s society, has gotten so muddled that it is hard to identify anymore. It seems as though anyone with an Instagram account and a few followers can be considered a public figure. A perfect example, like you stated in the prompt, is the Kardashian family. If someone could please tell me what any of the Kardashian girls did to become famous, I would love that. This is a perfect example of a public figure who did absolutely nothing to…

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  • Influencers | Social Media , Pepperdine Student Comments
  • Oct 31, 2017

What’s in a public figure?

Cayley Olivier, Pepperdine student When looking at the dictionary definition of a public figure in the realm of United States law, the definition includes politicians, celebrities, or business leaders who hold some sort of influence over others. That realm includes everyone from President Trump to Kylie Jenner's lips. However, with brands now using micro-influencers, to target their consumers even more ‘organically’ it does beg us to ask the question of what it really means to be a public figure?

If you have ever been on an Instagram explore page,…

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  • Influencers | Social Media , Pepperdine Student Comments
  • Oct 30, 2017

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