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DMCA Takedown - Part 2

DMCATwo weeks ago, we discussed the basics of DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notices.  This week, we have compiled a guide of how to submit a takedown notice on Instagram. We’ll wrap it up next week with a guide of how to submit a takedown notice on YouTube as well as how you should respond if you are hit with a takedown notice.

Let’s get started with a DMCA takedown on Instagram. Instagram has made it simple to notify their agent. Follow this link and respond to the…

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  • Apr 29, 2019

The Ethics of Jury Selection as Seen in the Film Runaway Jury

Liza Blake Photo“Trials are too important to be left up to juries” – Defense Jury Consultant Ranklin Fitch, Runaway Jury (2003)

When it comes to selecting a jury for any trial, anyone is subject for jury summons.  Most people think negatively when summoned to court, but others have another mind set.  In the case of Nicholas Easter (John Cusack) in the 2003 legal-thriller Runaway Jury, he gets granted with performing his civic duty, but with a hidden agenda.  Even though Runaway Jury hyper-focuses on the importance of jury selection,…

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  • Apr 26, 2019

Wax On, Wax Off

Josh Heald PhotoOur interview of Josh Heald for “The Creative Influencer” podcast is available today for download on iTunes, Spotify, and premier platforms everywhere.  Josh is a writer, executive producer, and co-creator of the YouTube Premium original series “Cobra Kai,” the hit extension of the Karate Kid universe.


A transcript of the full interview follows:


Jon: I am joined today by Josh Heald. Welcome to the podcast.

Josh: Thanks for having me. Pleasure to be here.

Jon: You are an actor.

Josh: Sort of.

Jon: Sort of.…

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  • The Creative Influencer
  • Apr 24, 2019

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