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Breaking Into Hollywood: An Insider’s Guide

Breaking Into HollywoodThe dream of seeing one’s name in lights or walking down the red carpet may be clichéd but for many it is palpable. They want to work in the entertainment industry but few know where to start.

“How do I break into the entertainment industry?” is the most common question I’m asked after someone finds out that I’m an entertainment attorney.

Not long ago, I was asked by the Denver Press Club to give a talk about breaking into the industry. For several months before my presentation, I…

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  • Above the Law , Entertainment Industry
  • Jun 08, 2016

We Neglect Our Own

Chelsea Wells, Pepperdine studentChelsea Wells, a student in Jon Pfeiffer’s Spring 2016 Mass Communication Law class at Pepperdine University, wrote the following essay in response to the prompt: “Journalists in the United States can publish stories on nearly anything that warrants coverage and this gives readers the opportunity to find information on any topic from every angle. However, sometimes the most important issues are overshadowed by less important information (think trending cat videos on YouTube). What is one topic that the media should give more emphasis?”

I was eight…

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  • Pepperdine Student Comments
  • Jun 01, 2016

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