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What is Intrusion?

What is IntrusionWhen we think of a breach of our privacy we are generally think of intrusion. In that sense, intrusion is the most obvious form of a breach of privacy. An intrusion arises when someone is in a location where he or she has a reasonable expectation of privacy but another person invades that privacy by physical or electronic means.

Physical invasion of privacy generally involves a trespass onto private property or hounding a person by “getting in their face” with…

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  • Privacy , Privacy - Intrusion
  • Jul 22, 2012

Happy Days for “Happy Days”

Happy DaysThe lawsuit filed by five cast members of the iconic television show “Happy Days” against CBS Studios for unpaid merchandising royalties has settled.

On June 5, 2012 Jon Pfeiffer won a key ruling in the lawsuit. CBS had filed a motion for summary judgment claiming that the case should be dismissed because DVDs are not merchandise. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elizabeth Allen White denied the motion and cleared the case to go to trial on July 17, 2012. Judge White ruled…

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  • Happy Days
  • Jul 07, 2012

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