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Neiman Marcus v. Lait sheds light

Conner Kashyap, Pepperdine studentThis scenario [described below the line] would be almost a complete reflection of the Neiman Marcus v. Lait case in the sense that within both cases, some slander was written about both Neiman Marcus employees as well as the employees of PEP. Within the Neiman Marcus v Lait case, the Plaintiffs (employees) acted out by suing in three groups; each offended and defamed by the words written about them in the U.S.A. confidential. They did this because it is a lot easier to prove that they…

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  • Oct 19, 2017

Skip the suit… hire a PR firm instead

Marcy Channon, Pepperdine studentIn the 1953 case Neiman Marcus v. Lait, Lait and other authors of U.S.A. Confidential published defamatory stories about three general groups of people (models, salesmen, and saleswomen) working at Neiman Marcus at that time. The authors did not specifically say names of employees but shared incriminating stories about groups of employees working in the sex industry. The case was brought to suit and the decision was ultimately settled that Neiman Marcus did not have a viable case because a group of individuals cannot bring a…

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  • Oct 18, 2017

Sue for Defamation!: a response to a hypothetical

Megan Dell'Amico, Pepperdine studentAfter my friend tweets some racist and sexual things about the restaurant staff on our PEP twitter account, creating a bad name for PEP as racist and sexist bigots, I would sue. The idea that one person, specifically in charge on the twitter account, is the sole reason for these new accusations of the PEP student organization resulting in me losing me losing my job and backup offer job, I would take the action towards PEP, the student organization.

 In the case of Neiman-Marcus v. Lait,…

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  • Oct 17, 2017

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