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Margarita Monday Woes

Madison Harwell, Pepperdine studentWhile the situation is unfortunate and the typical reaction is to get justice by suing your potential employers at PeR, LMYou, and maybe even the aggregator Dine magazine – That claim is unfound referring to the ruling of Neiman Marcus v. Lait and Weinstein v. Bullick. While there is a cause of action because I’m hypothetically a member of a small class being the student organization abbreviated PEP, their reasoning in not hiring me after the interview stage is found and not a discrimination based on…

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  • Oct 25, 2017

Who has the liability in libel?

Kristin Vartan, Pepperdine studentThe written word is powerful because when it is printed and distributed to the masses, becomes informative to the present and a historical text in the future. This is the case in Neiman Marcus v. Lait when the authors of U.S.A. Confidential publish sexually incriminating content about the Dallas Neiman Marcus employees. In the hypothetical situation of PEP’s publications on Twitter and Dine’s republication in their magazine, the libel is much more impactful. This is because back in 1952 when the Neiman Marcus v. Lait case…

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  • Oct 24, 2017

Neiman Marcus v. Lait sheds light

Conner Kashyap, Pepperdine studentThis scenario [described below the line] would be almost a complete reflection of the Neiman Marcus v. Lait case in the sense that within both cases, some slander was written about both Neiman Marcus employees as well as the employees of PEP. Within the Neiman Marcus v Lait case, the Plaintiffs (employees) acted out by suing in three groups; each offended and defamed by the words written about them in the U.S.A. confidential. They did this because it is a lot easier to prove that they…

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  • Oct 19, 2017

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