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Photoshop Hurts

Pepperdine Student Stacy JuLet us go back to October of 2015. Another photoshop fail has surfaced the Internet. Victoria's Secret has managed to upload yet another photo of a model with a distorted body and creating a wave of confusion and tension. The model is visibly missing a butt cheek and has an abnormally indented arm. You look at the photo and question whether or not the photo had been photoshopped to look weird on purpose as the photo has a caption of "Truly, Madly, Cheeky".' It is now…

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  • Pepperdine Student Comments
  • May 16, 2019

How will I know if they like me?

Our fifth minisode of “The Creative Influencer” podcast is available today for download on iTunes, Spotify, and premier platforms everywhere.  In minisodes, we answer questions that our listeners have emailed Jon.  In this minisode, Jon answers a question about the rumors circulating around Instagram testing the removal of their “like” button.


A transcript of the episode follows:


Welcome to this week’s minisode. Today we have an e-mail from Becky with the subject line: “I like Instagram likes.”  The email reads:


I heard that Instagram is…

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  • The Creative Influencer , Influencers | Social Media
  • May 15, 2019

The Pros of Social Media

Thumbs Up PhotoUnless you’re a caveman (not paleo, like you legitimately live in a cave), you know social media is everywhere. It seems nearly impossible to avoid it at this point. And more and more, people seem to be talking about the negative effects of social media on us both individually and as a culture. But if social media is all bad, what’s the point of having it? We figured there were some good reasons people can’t seem to quit social media, so we slid into some friends’ DMs…

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  • Influencers | Social Media
  • May 13, 2019

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