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The Road to Influence and Brand Deals


     It began as a hobby. Several years ago, you started making “beauty” videos with a web cam. It was fun. You loved giving makeup tips then posting your videos on YouTube. You didn’t tell your parents, but you suspected that they knew. You worked hard to find your voice. Every new follower felt like a new friend. 

     You were thrilled when a cosmetics company sent you free lip gloss if you would mention it in a video. You texted all of your friends to tell them. 

     It took a few years for your channel to take off, but you’ve always had steady growth. One day, a brand offered to pay you $2,000 to create a video that included its eye liner. You were elated. You knew you were on to something. Your hobby was starting make some money which you used to buy a better camera. 

     You continued to work.

     When your channel hit 300,000 subscribers, you decided to finish school on line and devote all of your time to YouTube. The brands kept coming and the required deliverables got more complex. You hired a manager to help you keep track of everything. 

     You know how to shoot and edit successful videos, but you aren’t as confident about the business and legal side of things. You’re starting to have free floating anxiety about the contracts you are asked to sign. You don’t understand the agreements and are afraid that you might be agreeing to something that you don’t want to do, or worse, can’t do. You trust your manager, but she isn’t a lawyer and isn’t equipped to handle the contracts that are being thrown at you. 

     Then one day it happened. A national brand wanted to hire you for a major campaign. It was a break through moment. You were elated but petrified at the same time. The money is great, but the brand sent a contract with 11 pages of “standard” terms and conditions. How can something be standard that you can’t understand? And why is the print so small?  There are words like representations, compliance and indemnities. You don’t want to think about it. It makes your head hurt to think about what else might be hidden in the 11 pages of legalese.

     You know you need a lawyer, but lawyers are scary. Not vampire scary but they’re scary because the law is scary. Even so, you know that you can’t wait any longer. You must take back control by hiring a lawyer to protect you. 

     We protect influencers like you to help them be more successful. Our clients have billions of YouTube views (you read that right, BILLIONS of views).  One Influencer client has over 8.7 million YouTube subscribers and another has over 8.0 million subscribers.  We also represent an Instagram Influencer with over 3.8 million followers.                                                                     

     Take the next step to protect yourself.  Call as at (310) 451-5800 to schedule a meeting.


Influencer Disclosures

To avoid exposure to liability, Influencers must comply with the following laws, rules and regulations.

Influencer Best Practices

To maximize your appeal to the widest range of brands, we recommend the following influencer best practices.

Deliverables Tracking Sheet

If you are an Influencer, here is a easy-to-follow tracking sheet that Pfeiffer Law Corp recommends you use to help manage required deliverables.

FTC & the WWW Timeline

This is a timeline that reviews the pivotal dates of the FTC and its enforcement regarding social media, influencers, and the greater World Wide Web.

FTC Dos and Don'ts

Across all Platforms

FTC Dos and Don'ts

Snapchat and Instagram Stories

FTC Dos and Don'ts

Video and Live Streaming

FTC Dos and Don'ts


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