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As long an you can remember, you’ve wanted to make movies. In college, you studied filmmaking. After graduation you worked on a few films and dreamed of starting your own company. But you didn’t want to go it alone. You thought you needed to work with a partner; someone who shared your dream.

You were introduced to your current business partner at an industry event. He had worked on some impressive projects, at least that’s what he told you. He had an oversized personality and it seemed as if everyone was drawn to him.

You were convinced that, as business partners, you would complement each other.  You started your venture with the highest of expectations, but it quickly became apparent that he had overstated his ability and commitment to the partnership.

He openly talked about an old back injury and that he took prescription pain killers. He said that he had everything under control. He didn’t.

You remember the first time he missed an important meeting with a prospective writer. Projects weren’t getting done and he didn’t accept responsibility for the delays.

Then one day he just dropped off the grid.  No calls. No texts. Nothing. You didn’t hear from him for five days. When he resurfaced, he acted like nothing had happened. No explanation. No apology.

You were worried.

You discovered that he was using company resources to cover personal expenses. He ignored several requests from the company’s bookkeeper to provide backup information. He is taking advantage of you. You don’t know what to do but you can’t just do nothing. It’s keeping you awake at night.

You’ve never been in a lawsuit. You’ve never even been in a courthouse, but you know that you are running out of time. You dread that the way things are going, it’s only a matter of time before you hear those dreaded words, “you’ve been sued.”

Protect yourself before it’s too late. The first step is to call us at (310) 451-5800 to schedule a meeting.  We’ll set up a confidential meeting where we can sit down and talk about your situation. You’ll come in with lots of questions, but you’ll leave with a game plan and a clear idea of how to move forward.


Trial Process

This flowchart outlines all of the detailed steps of a jury trial.

Trial Process Simplified

This flowchart gives an overview of the steps of a jury trial.

Litigation Process

This flowchart lays out the detailed steps of the litigation process.

Litigation Process Simplified

This flowchart gives an overview of the steps of the litigation process.

Individual Session Flowchart

This flow chart lays out the mediation process for an individual session mediation.

Joint Session Flowchart

This flow chart lays out the mediation process for an joint session mediation.

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