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When Instagram Ads Work


Last year in my Integrated Marketing Communications capstone class, a peer of mine asked the professor if advertisers actually believed that watching a 30 second commercial could prompt people at home to leave their houses, get in a car, drive to store, and make a purchase. My professor responded by saying that advertising should be studied as a psychological phenomenon, rather than a business one. What most people don't realize is that there is a lot of cognitive psychology that goes into designing a billboard or producing…

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  • Nov 13, 2018

Does your phone eavesdrop? Most likely.

I am rarely enticed by advertising on social media. This is perhaps partly in the spirit of rebellion. I constantly recognize topics that I've had private conversations about appear in advertisements on my social media feeds. Topics that I would never usually be interested in but were brought up by those around me are the most tell-tale signs that my devices are listening for keywords in my conversations. For example, one time on a phone call a friend mentioned that they were about to head to Sonic's "Tater…

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  • Nov 12, 2018

Carter Sharer: Award winning designer to Influencer

Our interview of Carter Sharer for “The Creative Influencer” podcast is available today for download on iTunes.

Carter shared the following takeaways:  

Jon: In your teens, you started to design and create innovative walking devices?

Carter: So, this was I think probably about 2009, so I’m in high school freshman year. I get on YouTube, I remember even to this day and if you look at my like saved history from back in 2009, I had these videos, I would scour the Internet for all these, like mechanical like…

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  • Nov 07, 2018

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