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Media production for jury selection

Kendall Howell | Student The applicability of media production practices goes beyond the realm of movies and could be used to improve other fields, such as the jury selection process.

An important place to begin is scheduling. I think that having specific call times could potentially rectify the slow pace of the jury selection process. In a production, an assistant director creates a document called a call sheet that contains all of the pertinent and important information that is necessary for a day of shooting. Rather than having everyone…

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  • Jun 20, 2018

Documentaries could improve trials

Zachary Edwards | Student Lawyers and filmmakers operate under similar guidelines in their respective occupations. Lawyers must frame their argument to be favorable for their client, similarly, filmmakers must frame their content to portray what they want, how they want. Filmmakers and screenwriters have moved more toward creating true stories. Screenplays are taking liberty with real-life events, which can get dangerous in a culture where media literacy is relatively low. Many viewers of this content take these films and television shows as the complete truth, which does not make…

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  • Jun 13, 2018

Informative advertisements could clear confusion

Chase Riekhof | StudentAdvertising is a field that is constantly changing and innovating, adapting to new technologies and the modern world. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about our current court system and the resulting trial processes. By implementing certain techniques and principles from within the world of advertising to the court process, much could be done to improve the entire system, giving our courts a fresh start and new look.

Advertising primarily exists for the purpose of either informing or persuading, both of which I feel like court process…

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  • Jun 06, 2018

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