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Unhappy Days for CBS

Five cast members of the iconic television show “Happy Days” have sued CBS Studios for unpaid merchandising royalties. The lawsuit seeks Ten Million Dollars ($10,000,000.00) due to the failure of CBS to pay the actors for the use of their name and likeness for merchandising. CBS was served with the complaint on Tuesday.

Happy Days is one of the most popular shows in television history. The complaint alleges that “’Happy Days’ epitomizes what is best in America with the Cunningham family exemplifying the best…

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  • Happy Days
  • Apr 28, 2011

Will the Supreme Court Cast The Terminator as California’s Super Nanny?

Pending before the United States Supreme Court is a case that pits free speech against the emotional well being of California’s children. Standing in one corner defending their right to distribute violent video games is the $18 billion per year video game industry. Standing in the opposite corner are Arnold Schwarzenegger and the California Legislature fighting for the right to restrict the sale of certain video games to minors.

The case stems from a measure signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger (Civil Code §§…

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  • First Amendment
  • Feb 25, 2011

First Armbands, then Bong Hits, now Boobies

Lance Armstrong what have you started? Two Ohio middle school girls were suspended after wearing “I love boobies” bracelets at school. They filed a lawsuit claiming that their First Amendment rights had been violated.

The students, a 12-year old 7th grader and a 13-year old 8th grader, argue that they wore the bracelets (distributed by the Keep a Breast Foundation) to promote breast cancer awareness and that wearing the bracelets leads to a discussion about breast cancer. The defendant school district justified the suspensions…

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  • First Amendment
  • Nov 27, 2010

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