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Start advertising trials!

Student | Conner KashyapA major principle from my specific major, advertising, that could be used to improve the trial process, especially in my visited case of Mr. Guerrero v The People of the United States would be to incorporate an advertising campaign in order to boost publicity and attendance to the case itself.  In order to run a proper ad campaign, the use of A.I.D.A. and K.I.S.S. principles/ concepts are important.  A.I.D.A. is an acronym standing for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action and K.I.S.S. stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. …

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  • Dec 20, 2017

VR Journalism in the courtroom

Pepperdine student | Kristin Vartan Through the lens of the criminal court case that I attended at Van Nuys Courthouse West on November 5th (2017), I would like to demonstrate the potential of 360 video capabilities in the criminal court space.  This court case involved two neighbors of an apartment complex: a white male plaintiff and his girlfriend versus the defendant, their black neighbor.  The plaintiff claimed to have received a gun threat from the defendant and feared for his and his girlfriend's life.  He claimed that through the adjoining wall…

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  • Dec 18, 2017

Recourse for Yelp reviews gone wrong

Yelp reviewsNews flash… everyone is on the internet.  Even people without access to running water.  And most people check internet resources, like reviews and whitelists, before they go to a restaurant, purchase a product, or purchase a service.  That’s why it’s crucial that you fight to maintain a high rating on sites like Yelp or Amazon. Let’s be honest, the only thing that keeps me going to El Taco instead of El Taquito with identical menu and prices is the one negative customer service review for El Taquito. …

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  • Nov 30, 2017

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