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Pfeiffer Law works with Influencers to help them maximize their brand

         Combined, our clients have billions of YouTube views (you read that right, BILLIONS of views).  One of our Influencer clients has over 8.5 million YouTube subscribers and another Influencer client has over 7.9 million subscribers.  We also represent an Instagram Influencer with over 3.8 million followers.                                                                      Pfeiffer Law Corp works with influencers and brand ambassadors to help them negotiate and draft Influencer Agreements, Brand Participant Agreements, Social Media Engagement Agreements, Appearance Agreements, and related Influencer Disclosure Agreements.  We pay careful attention to each component of the influencer agreement with particular attention to the following provisions:

  • Payment. Enough said.
  • Name, Image and Likeness. Use of the Indluencer's name, image and likeness during and after the campaign.
  • Deliverables.  If a YouTube video is to be created, what is the approximate length?  Are there to be supporting posts on Instagram or tweets on Twitter?  If so, when?
  •  Promotion of the deliverables.  Will the brand boost the post (pay to promote)?
  •  The term of the agreement and use of the deliverables during the term.  How long will the campaign run?  How can the brand use the deliverables during the term?
  • Post-term use of the deliverables.  Can the deliverables be used after the term?  Do they have to be taken down at the end of the campaign?
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC) compliance.  Who will monitor compliance with the FTC Disclosure Policy, the FTC On-line Advertising Disclosure Guidelines, Endorsement Guidelines, and Guides concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials?
  • Representations and warranties.  Does the agreement conflict with other agreements?  Are the approvals of other interested parties required (agent, manager, publishing company, merchandising company, or fan club)?
  • Indemnification.  Are the parties required to indemnify each other's claims by third parties?
  • Confidentiality.  Is the campaign confidential?  Are the terms of the agreement confidential?  Is the brand's marketing plan confidential?
  • Governing law and limitation of liability.  What state's law applies?  How are disputes resolved?  Is there any limitation of liability such as consequential or punitive damages?

         You worked hard to build your brand and you deserve to profit from that hard work.  If you are an influencer and would like representation, give us a call at (310) 451-5800.  


Influencer Disclosures

To avoid exposure to liability, Influencers must comply with the following laws, rules and regulations.

Influencer Best Practices

To maximize your appeal to the widest range of brands, we recommend the following influencer best practices.

Deliverables Tracking Sheet

If you are an Influencer, here is a easy-to-follow tracking sheet that Pfeiffer Law Corp recommends you use to help manage required deliverables.

FTC & the WWW Timeline

This is a timeline that reviews the pivotal dates of the FTC and its enforcement regarding social media, influencers, and the greater World Wide Web.

May 2000 FTC Guidelines

Dot Com Disclosures

Sept. 2000 FTC Guidelines

Advertising and Marketing on the Internet

Oct. 2009 FTC Guidelines

Guides Concerning the FTC

Mar. 2013 FTC Guidelines

.Com Disclosures

Dec. 2015 FTC Guidelines

Native Advertising: a Guide for Business

May 2015 FTC Guidelines

Endorsement Guides: What People are Asking

Sept. 2017 FTC Guidelines

Endorsement Guides: What People are Asking

FTC Dos and Don'ts

Across all Platforms

FTC Dos and Don'ts

Snapchat and Instagram Stories

FTC Dos and Don'ts

Video and Live Streaming

FTC Dos and Don'ts


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