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           Business litigation encompasses an enormous area of the law, ranging from breaches of contract and fiduciary duty issues to matters involving fraud and misappropriation of trade secrets.  Basically, litigation involving a business’s contracts, disputes, liabilities, partnerships, shareholders, intellectual property, and corporate structure is considered “business litigation.” The team at Pfeiffer Law Corp has a proven track record of success in nearly all aspects of business litigation and will help you get the results you deserve.                                                                                                   Breach of contract cases make up a large portion of business disputes that advance to litigation. The claim of fraud often accompanies a breach of contract claim because fraud is a tort that grants the plaintiff the possibility of obtaining punitive damages; punitive damages are generally not available in a run of the mill breach of contract dispute. The two most challenging obstacles a plaintiff must overcome to establish a claim of fraud are (1) proving intent to defraud on the part of the defendant and (2) proving that the plaintiff relied on that fraud before entering into an agreement. Proving these elements is a process that is highly factual in nature. It is crucial that your attorneys possess the necessary experience to successfully analyze those facts and present them in a manner that will give you the best chance to succeed on your fraud claim. Conversion is a tort claim that can go hand in hand with a breach of contract claim as well, where the plaintiff must prove that the defendant received property from the plaintiff and then wrongfully converted it for his or her own purposes. Pfeiffer Law Corp has successfully litigated scores of breach of contract, fraud, and conversion cases and will bring that track record of success to your case as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cases involving possible breach of fiduciary duties owed by the various parties involved in a corporate entity/partnership also make up a significant percentage of business disputes that are brought to trial. For instance, the managing officers and the board of directors of a corporation owe certain fiduciary duties to their shareholders. Partners also owe fiduciary duties to one another. When parties do not live up to those fiduciary duties, the unfulfilled party can sue for damages caused by the breach of those duties. Determining when an actual breach has occurred can be difficult and proving a breach even more so. Because of these inherent difficulties, it is important to retain qualified counsel to represent your interests. The team at Pfeiffer Law has actual experience successfully litigating breach of fiduciary duty issues, and such experience can be an invaluable resource to have in your corner.                 Various rights issues also fall into the realm of business litigation. Trademark rights, copyrights, personality rights, and merchandising rights all fall within the business litigation sector and are particularly prevalent in the area of entertainment law. Enforcing your rights is one of the most effective methods to ensure you receive the full benefit of your business. Also knowing how to avoid infringing upon the rights of others is crucial to prevent potentially devastating economic damages to your business. Pfeiffer Law Corp has handled dozens of rights related cases providing an invaluable amount of experience in that specific area of the law.

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Litigation Process Simplified

This flowchart gives an overview of the steps of the litigation process.

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