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Holmes is where the heart is… at least where the Love is

Courtney LoveCourtney Love.  You may know her as the feisty muse that inspired hits from iconic bands ranging Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, and the New Radicals… not to mention Nirvana.  But here at Pfeiffer Law Corp, we know her as the first celebrity to inspire a defamation suit over Twitter #Revolutionary. 

Tell me more.

Back in 2010, Love hired Rhonda Holmes, Esq. to be her attorney for a fraud case she was battling against a group managing Kurt Cobain’s estate. While Holmes was her attorney, she sent the…

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  • Influencers | Social Media , Defamation
  • Nov 22, 2017

Peers can go public

Madison Harwell, Pepperdine studentAn Influencer most broadly is “a person or thing that influences,” though more specifically is labeled “a person who has the power to influence many people, as through social media or traditional media.” In drawing the line between an influencer and the influenced, I would define a public figure as: anyone who has followers that not only consists of their personal connections or even far-reaching connections. In considering my own personal Instagram of 10.2k followers I personally know of less than 2% of my followers, the…

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  • Influencers | Social Media , Pepperdine Student Comments
  • Nov 21, 2017

Strangers know public figures

Marcy Channon, Pepperdine studentA public figure in 2017 is much different than a public figure thirty years ago – or even five years ago. With the rise of social media and a world obsessed with whistle-blowing small mistakes and celebrating pop-culture, the definition of a true public figure has become uncertain. In my opinion, a public figure is anyone with the ability to influence others through their image, actions, or words. Although arguably anyone can influence someone else to do something, a public figure is set apart from the…

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  • Influencers | Social Media , Pepperdine Student Comments
  • Nov 20, 2017

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