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Pfeiffer Law Redesigns Website: Now Featuring Downloadable Resources!

Pfeiffer Law Corp is proud to announce the addition of downloadable resources on its website.  Resources can be found at

In the coming months, we will provide valuable resources, like flowcharts and checklists, that relate to our primary practice areas so that you, the client, can remain better informed.  Our primary practice areas are:

            Influencers and social media 

         Pfeiffer Law Downloadable Resources   Right of publicity

            Motion picture and

                     television production


            Business litigation

            IFTA Arbitration


            Corporations and LLCs

In addition to downloadable resources, each practice area now has a landing page that describes the services we provide and displays any blog posts on that we have written on that topic.  

Legal jargon can seem tedious, overwhelming, and abstract.  We are confident that these resoures help supplement our clients' understanding of legal procedure so that they may begin to gain clarity in whatever legal matter you are involved in.  

  • The Firm
  • Jul 27, 2017

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